About us

About us

Live A + is a company formed by architects and technicians highly specialized in the field of Energy Conservation and Environmental Sustainability, which work in much of the country and offers sevices integrated to all players in the supply chain Building: Individuals, Companies, Companies, Technical Studies dealers Materials, Real Estate Agencies and Public Bodies.

A multidisciplinary team of professionals and experts Consultants Climate House in Building Design and Equipment for use Residential and Tertiary, can make diagnosis aimed at reducing energy needs through cost-benefit assessments.

Thanks to the training design of buildings energy efficient, residential A + supports the Technical Studies, Firms, Companies and Organizations with Consulting and Training Quality, contracts Coaching and through experiences of active learning, facilitates the growth of the client that is supported in the operating process, from design to installation of materials, in achieving objectives.

The Design of a System Building / Equipment is extremely complex and can only through an integration of knowledge and experiences that come from the active collaboration of residential A + with universities and leading companies in the field of energy savings.